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Feeling bloated?

All too often, over-indulgence in heavy, spicy, and fatty food leaves us feeling heavy and bloated. Poor digestion is what causes waste gases and sluggish bowels, which in turn lead to bloating - the stomach feels uncomfortable, full, and tight including a visibly rounded or bloated stomach. The unique natural bacteria contained in OptiBac - For a Flat Stomach is designed to aid digestion and help break down the foods and gases that cause bloating. OptiBac - For a Flat Stomach is now available from Whelehans Pharmacy in Mullingar.

New supplement shown to tackle digestive problems

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A new daily food supplement, which has been shown to help tackle digestive problems such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), bloating and gas, has become available for the first time in Ireland.

Meningitis case reported in Castlepollard

A case of meningitis has been identified in a crèche in Castepollard, it was confirmed this week.

Mayo child wins HSE and Science Week competition

A pupil from Mayo was one of the competition winners of some 2,000 children from around the country who designed their own superbug posters to highlight the importance of keeping their hands clean and preventing the spread of infections. Setánta O Nuailain, a third class pupil attending Gailscoil na Cruaiche in Westport, won for his poster entitled ‘Iris the Virus’.

Living with Lyme disease

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Ben Smyth who lives in Kinvara had always been healthy and rarely visited his doctor. However, everything was to change at the end of August 2006 when the father of three adult children became ill. He initially began to complain of a “pinch-like feeling” on the instep of his right foot.

Visiting restrictions at Mayo General Hospital due to winter vomiting bug

Visiting restrictions are in place in Mayo General Hospital in Castlebar due to the presence of Norovirus, commonly known as the winter vomiting bug. There has been an ongoing presence of the virus in the community over the past number of weeks. Anyone with recent symptoms of diarrhoea and/or vomiting or who had contact with others who have these symptoms should not visit patients in the hospital to avoid spreading the virus.

New mobile app will further improve appropriate antibiotic use

A new mobile app, launched at Galway University Hospitals this week, will further improve appropriate antibiotic use, according to Dr Pat Nash, the clinical director of the hospital group.

People with HIV still experience discrimination

People with HIV continue to experience stigma, discrimination and isolation, according to the manager of AIDS West.

New children’s book warns about the danger of ticks

A local author has written a new children’s book which warns parents, teachers and children about the dangers of ticks, the tiny parasites which can carry Lyme disease.


Spots are the bane of many people’s lives. They appear when we least want or expect them, affecting our confidence and mood.


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