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The man behind the Clinic

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Zig Zigler once said that in business and life “it’s better to be a meaningful specific rather than a wandering generality”.

City council is more mature, less dysfunctional than before

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Green Senator Niall Ó Brolcháin recently described the Galway City Council as being a dysfunctional institution and in the aftermath received a tongue lashing from certain councillors for what was seen as an unwarranted attack.

Long serving mayoral secretary retires

Simon McKiernan, the long standing mayoral secretary in City Hall, who has served the mayors of the city for the past 23 years, will retire tomorrow.

Big names lose out in city

“What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better,” so said Wendell Phillips, the 19th century American abolitionist, advocate for Native Americans, orator, lawyer, and writer.

Can Oliver’s Army help Crowe survive ‘The Group of Death’?

Cllr John Connolly and Ollie Crowe are the Fianna Fáil candidates for Galway City Central, a ward which rivals Galway City East for competitiveness and which has been rightly dubbed ‘The Group of Death’. Only one of them will survive the Local Election on June 5.

The woes of a first time candidate

A FIRST time candidate in any election has a lot of growing up to do. You have to be a quick learner and have some street smarts. However one thing is that people can’t blame you for wrong decisions in the past. This is to your main advantage.


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