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Collerans Butchers New Turkey Product Range Launched

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Turkey is regarded by some as the next superfood, a real healthy alternative for lunch or at dinner time. With a delicious taste and considered refreshingly light, turkey can be used for a variety of family favourites. Full of protein and B Vitamins, turkey is perfect for those pursuing full bodied food with an eye on a healthier lifestyle. Responding to our customers’ recommendations, we at Collerans Butchers have produced a new turkey range of Turkey Inspired Products – A range of healthy burgers and “Easy Cook Range” – and as with all Collerans products - inspirational and flavourful.

Kelly's Kitchen

There is a stereotypical gender divide in food. Man food is slabs of meat, scotch eggs, big fry-ups, and anything wrapped in bacon. Women prefer yoghurt, quiche, cupcakes, and chocolate, preferably not all on the same plate. Whatever the truth of these clichés, most menus and venues lean more into one camp than the other. Kelly's was always a man's place to my mind, with burgers, pints, and the football on the telly. But Kelly's bar is fond of change. It is fair, I think, to say that Kelly's has had more re-inventions than Kerry Katona. The latest change the team have made is a new menu that just might be the most gender neutral menu in town.

Lunch is for sharing at Lunares

It was the end of December with but one day to go till the start of the new year. The house had been hit by a veritable hurricane of small, pink, clothing. The combined forces of Santa and a little girl's December birthday had filled the house with tons of plastic. A previously unknown horror had entered my life, the truly vile invention that is Moon Sand, a force so insidious and evil that I could see no way to defeat it. The children had begun to make the relatively short word 'Mum' into a five to six syllable long whine that was slowly working on my already questionable sanity. And there was another week of this to go before the holidays were over.

Have an eight-some at Cava

To celebrate the annual Seville Tapas Fair in February, Cava Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar in Galway has announced its exciting 2011 Tapas Fiesta Menu.

Tasty treats

Ham sandwich with herb relish

Tasty treats

Baked potatoes ‘n’ pork

Tasty Treats

Slow cooked spiced shoulder of lamb wraps with roasted garlic aioli and tomato salsa

Lamb – a meat for all seasons

Neven Maguire, one of Ireland’s best known chefs, says that lamb is “both delicious and easy to cook”. To celebrate their autumn lamb promotion, Bord Bia have developed a range of delicious lamb recipes for every day of the week. Below is one of the recipes available. For a quick midweek meal try ‘Spiced Meatballs with Chilli Tomato Sauce’.


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