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Labour succumb to neo-liberalism

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Insider spotted Labour Galway West TD Derek Nolan out knocking doors the other evening. He can only hope Dep Nolan’s appearance on the doorsteps does not impact too negatively on the Yes vote for marriage equality.

Walpurgis Night IV - unleash the metal

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WALPURGIS NIGHT was a May Day’s eve festival when witches met and held revels with their gods to stir up trouble before the spring came. Sounds like a good night to hold a metal gig.

Packed weekend of activity for Turlough country life festival

All roads lead to Turlough this weekend for the highly anticipated return of Feile na Tuaite, a festival which celebrates the best of rural life and living.

The May procession

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The month of May is named for and dedicated to Mary, the Blessed Virgin. Many people like to honour the Virgin during that month by putting up a May altar in their house, usually on a small table or sideboard covered with a white cloth. In the place of honour is a Marian picture or statue and it is decorated with May flowers. In some parishes they have a ceremony where they crown an image of Mary with paste jewels, and in others, they hold a May procession in which those taking part walk bareheaded (weather permitting), in decent costume and with reverent mien. Clergy and laity, men and women, are separated. The cross is usually carried at the head, and sometimes banners embroidered with sacred pictures. These often represent sodalities but should never be of military or triangular in shape.

Protesters voice their opposition to property tax at Galway’s Revenue and dole offices

Protesters held demonstrations at offices of the Department of Social Protection and Revenue Commissioners in Galway yesterday to voice their opposition to the Local Property Tax.

Annual Bealtaine festival ready to roll in Mayo

Organisers of Bealtaine are delighted to announce the line-up for May 2012, which will see hundreds of theatrical, cinematic, craft, photographic, choral, dance and other events taking place across Ireland, giving people a chance to celebrate creativity as we age.

Oi Polloi - Scott’s Gaelic anarchist punk

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PUNK ROCK and hard left politics go hand in hand - look at Crass, Conflict, or The Clash - but Punk’s lingua franca has long been English, yet one band begs to differ.

Arts attack in Kilkenny

“Painting: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic.”

Labour can do better than a partnership with Fine Gael

With all the recent trade union conferences taking place in Galway, plus Labour’s annual congress, you could be forgiven for thinking our city is a socialist Mecca. However, can you remember when the last May Day demonstration happened here?

Celebrate May Day

Saturday is May Day, the International Workers’ Day, which since the late 1800s has been a day to celebrate the international labour movement and call for further social and economic progress.

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