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Susan Millar DuMars - searching for God in the everyday

WHERE IS God? Who is S/He? Does such a being even exist? What happens after we die? As long as people have walked the earth there have been and will continue to be these questions.

Woolies in Galway

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In the early 1950s the chain of shops owned by Woolworths was expanding, but it did experience some difficulty establishing a branch in Galway. It appears some councillors and retailers resisted the move, but after several failed attempts, ‘Woolies’ (as it became known), acquired the former site of the old Royal Hotel on the Square. Woolies knocked the hotel and put up a purpose built retail store. As the day of the opening approached, local interest became intense.

When the vicar met the folk-rocker

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A FEMALE Church of Ireland vicar and a folk-rocker from Arkansas will be reading at the March Over The Edge in the Galway City Library on Thursday March 26 at 6.30pm.


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