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Sparks Rugby Football Club

The Connacht Junior Cup was donated by a man called Senior. He was Alfred Senior, professor of chemistry in UCG from 1891 to 1918. The cup was first played for in 1905, and as Ralph O’Gorman says in his wonderful book entitled Rugby in Connacht, the event always had a unique culture, it was competitive and unpredictable, and had a wide geographical spread of participating clubs.

The most Irish of games

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Hurling is said to be older than the recorded history of Ireland and to predate Christianity. In Seamus King’s remarkable book The History of Hurling, there is a reference from Irish verbal history of hurling being played as far back as 1,200BC in Tara, County Meath. The earliest written references to the sport in Brehon law are from the fifth century.

Tales of Galway; exploring the ebb and flow of Galwegian life

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NEXT WEEKEND at the Town Hall Theatre, there will be an intriguing new play which conjures up 50 years of local history amid a story of typical Galway life and enduring friendship.


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