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A taste of home and abroad this St Patrick's Day

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Wow, St Patrick’s Day is here, so I thought what better way to celebrate, than some modern twists on Irish classics.

Think Irish this St Patrick’s Day

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To celebrate all things Irish this St Patrick’s Day, why not try a hearty meal that is most associated with the country of your birth? And it really does not more Irish than a good feed of bacon and cabbage!

Bay roasted baby hasselbacks

Last year was my first time growing my own potatoes. I ordered a few heritage varieties from Seed Savers, varieties that would be difficult to find in the shops, some early and some main crop. I planted them late enough in the season so as to avoid any lingering frosts as we are prone to here in the west. They grew readily with the plentiful rain and flowered in white, yellow, and some in a glorious purple. When the leaves faded and died back it was time to harvest. It was lovely to see the children’s delight at sifting through the soil and discovering hidden potatoes, like a messy Easter egg hunt… potatoes with skins so thin that you could brush them off with your thumb. The taste of those freshly dug little earlies, with butter, ground pepper, and fat flakes of sea salt was amazing.

Tasty treats

Simple soufflé with courgettes and herbs

Fish pie

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There are few better ways to enjoy fresh seafood than a well made fish pie. A creamy wine sauce flavoured with leek and parsley mixed with whatever fish is available and best. Rich mashed potato finished with real butter and cream and topped with local Galway cheese baked till golden fish pie is really one of the great Irish foods.

The not- so- humble spud

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My neighbour offered me some of his new potatoes last week, and as there was a distinct lack of tasty goodies in the Shaw household for dinner that day I picked up the garden fork and filled a pot with freshly dug spuds. I was not sure of the varieties but after 15 minutes steaming I saw that they were all beautiful floury types, with their jackets bursting open.

Sweet potato

The sweet potato, or boniato, is in fact not a potato at all, but a member of the morning glory family. This versatile vegetable has a great many uses and makes a refreshing change from the traditional spud. The sweet potato is ideal for roasting, making soups, for purees, and many more culinary uses. Additionally the bright orange colour of the vegetable tells us that the sweet potato is also a good source of carotene and vitamin A. Additionally this vegetable is regarded as the most important tropical root crop in the world. Introduced into Africa, possibly by slave traders, the sweet potato has since its introduction steadily replaced the true yam in Africa as a major source of carbohydrate.

Tasty treats

Glazed bacon with red currant sauce 

Tasty treats

Pork chops with mushrooms and garlic


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