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Big World Blue - electro/folk @ Monroe's

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MARTYN BARKER is the drummer with Shreikback, and he has also performed with Billy Bragg, Robert Plant, Marianne Faithful, and Goldfrapp, but he comes to Galway in a different guise next week.

Ricki Soma - Anjelica’s beautiful mother

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Anjelica Huston’s mother, Ricki Soma, grew up over a popular Broadway Italian restaurant called Tony’s Wife on West Fifty-Second Street in New York. At 14 years of age she was already a beauty, and a ballet dancer. She looked like the Mona Lisa, in fact she was considered so beautiful that a few years later her photograph appeared on the cover of Life magazine.

The Tulip of Tuam and other flowers

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Many years ago I found the courage to ask the late Lady Molly Cusack -Smith whether she had posed nude for the famous artist Augustus John during his many sorties into Galway and the west. She looked at me very hard for some time. Then said in a very cross voice: “How dare you, HOW DARE YOU ask such a impertinent question!”


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