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Father Patrick Peyton, the Rosary Priest

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Patrick Peyton was born on January 9 1909 in Attymass, Co Mayo, one of nine children. When they were growing up, the rosary was central to their lives. His family were subsistence farmers and unable to afford to send him to a seminary, so for a number of years he worked on the farm to help them earn a living as his father was too ill. Then he and his brother emigrated to America. They eventually entered a seminary in Notre Dame to study for the priesthood, but their hopes of being ordained together seemed to be dashed when Patrick got TB. The doctors told him his only hope was to pray, and pray he did, to the Blessed Virgin. He promised her he would dedicate his ministry to her and to the family rosary if he was saved. And so it came to be the two brothers were ordained as Holy Ghost Fathers together on June 15, 1941.

Spare a few euro for those who have lost all

The Filipinos are a very resilient people. I know from personal experience how they can go with a flick of a switch from the depths of despair to the extremes of happiness. Their smile makes them the envy of the world. Their industriousness makes them popular and in demand employees and friends all over the world. Many million of them work overseas in a variety of conditions and environments, to send much needed funds back to families — a concept with which this country is familiar.

Rock night in Foxford

A rock night will take place in Foxford on November 19 in aid of the Argentine / Irish charity Via del Senor.

The motion of emotion with Katja Wittmer

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E(MOTION) — Katja Wittmer’s recent work deals with the motion of emotion; a visual journey which shows how emotions influence our perception, always changing, unpredictable, always in motion.

Award winning missionary priest to visit city

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A benefit evening to raise funds for the PREDA Foundation will take place at the Western Hotel, Prospect Hill tonight (Thursday) at 9pm.

Get along to Damien Dempsey tonight and help PREDA

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Damien Dempsey will perform a show at the Radisson Hotel tonight (Thursday) in aid of PREDA, the charity which works for the betterment of children trapped in the sex industry.


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