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A time when the Irish were not welcome

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Between the years 1845 and 1855 more than 2.1 million people emigrated from Ireland. They streamed into Liverpool, Manchester, Boston and New York. Many were diseased, hungry, dirty, broken spirited, with barely any personal belongings. Some embarked actually naked.

Ireland West Airport welcomes new services to Manchester and Edinburgh with Ryanair

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Ireland West Airport has welcomed the launch by Ryanair of its two new services to Edinburgh and Manchester. Both services will initially operate twice weekly and operate on a year round basis.

For a while Galway dreamed of greatness

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“...give me your tired, your poor,

A hero’s welcome in New York for first Galway Line ship

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The unfortunate collision of the Indian Empire into the well marked Margaretta Rock in the middle of Galway Bay was a blow to the newly established Galway Line. But by no means was it a knockout. Galway’s vaulting ambition to open a new ‘highway between the old and new worlds’ took on an even more determined energy. The exploitation of steam-power, driving ever bigger ships and faster trains, led to wild speculation as to what could be achieved even from Galway, in the middle of the 19th century.

Did a midsummer murder silence a guilty pilot?

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In June 1858 Galway town was in a fever of wild speculation and excitement. Its vision for a magnificent transatlantic port off Furbo, reaching deep into Galway Bay, where passengers from Britain, and throughout the island of Ireland, would be brought to their emigration ship in the comfort of a train, now faced being scuppered by the apparent criminal intent of the two local pilots.

John Cooper Clarke - legendary punk poet returns of Galway

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"I SAY to people, have you heard of John Cooper Clarke and if they say, ‘Yes, yeah he's an absolute genius’, and you just go, 'Oh - OK, you've saved me a lot of time."

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Football powergrab shows the importance of identity for us all

This is not an editorial about football, but it is brought on by the biggest story in football this week, a story that knocked Covid to one side in the minds of many. The issues raised by the attempt by 12 European football clubs to breakaway and form a competition with rules set by themselves, have shown us that they are not just pertinent on the streets of Turin, Manchester, London, Barcelona or Munich, but in all our communities, wherever we live.

New year round services to Manchester and Edinburgh from Ireland West Airport

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Ireland West Airport has welcomed the announcement by Ryanair of two new services to Edinburgh and Manchester to commence in September 2021. Both services will initially operate twice weekly and operate on a year round basis.

Eight Buccaneers players feature in narrow PRO14 defeat for Connacht



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