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Cancer screening and treatment backlog needs 'urgent response', says Farrell

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The backlog in cancer screening and treatment services is "concerning" and demands an all party response and increased funding from the Government.

We must work 'against reason, against all discouragement that could be'

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Like everyone else, Insider needs occasional harmless distraction on social media, so a recent challenge to 'write the first sentence of your 2020 memoir' was tempting - until I realised most of us had the same depressing pun: It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times.

Government must secure domestic production line for PPE, says Farrell

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The Government must "immediately secure" a domestic production line for Personnnel Protective Equipment for frontline healthcare workers.

Farrell condemns AIB for charging fees on customers made unemployed by Covid-19

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For a bank that was bailed out by the public to now charge fees on customers made unemployed by the coronavirus pandemic is nothing short of "a disgrace" and those customers must be refunded immediately.

Lockdown abroad - Eduard Antoniu

"I am extremely busy at home as usual lately, no time or place for boredom and not enough time to do what I want, just stressed out by idiotic noisy neighbours. I'm not leaving the house even if it is postatomic (except for just running away back to Galway again) - I wish I never left it and now I cannot even run away back there.

All-Ireland approach needed to combat Corona virus, says Farrell

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The coronavirus neither recognises nor respects borders, meaning an all-Ireland approach to combating the illness is required, according to Galway West Sinn Féin TD, Mairead Farrell.

Coronavirus - 'look after each other and stay calm' advises councillor

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Panic buying toilet paper, hand sanitisers, and foods because of Coronavirus will "disadvantage vulnerable people and leave them unable to access basic needs", a Galway city councillor has warned.

'We have to accept that young people want change'

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He has taken the first seat in Galway West at every election since 2002, and it was no different this year, but his victory came neither as quickly, nor as emphatically as on previous occasions.

'We were playing against a hurricane'

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A good day for Hildegarde Naughton. A bad day for her party. The Galway West TD admits that Election 2020 has been a "bittersweet" one, with her returning to the Dáil, and her party colleague, Sean Kyne, losing his seat.

The history maker

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From the early rounds of tallies on Sunday morning it became obvious that Mairead Farrell would win a seat in Galway West, and that in doing so she would make history.


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