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COPE Galway tribute to Magdalen women marks start of new era for laundry building

COPE Galway this week launched a booklet to Remember, Respect and Record stories of the women who lived and worked in the Magdalen Laundry in Galway. The local charity sees the booklet as a way of acknowledging this painful history while also looking to a new use for the convent building associated with the laundry – a state-of-the-art centre for women and children who experience domestic abuse in Galway.

Was this a glimpse of Dante’s Purgatorio?

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‘No one wants these women. We protect them from their passions. We give them food, shelter and clothing. We look after their spiritual needs.’ And that was all that was believed to be required for the inmates of the Magdalene Laundry, in Forster Street, Galway. It is true that no one wanted ‘these women’, because of the twisted sense of morality of the time. Girls who gave birth to a child outside marriage were ostracised by society. If the pregnancy and birth could not be kept hidden (some families kept their pregnant daughter locked away in an upstairs bedroom, or sent to a relative in England); people feared local gossip, and judgment to such an extent that parents turned against their own daughters. They brought their daughters to the nuns, and walked away. The problem was out of sight, and, they probably believed, gone away.

An artist opened Galway’s ‘Secrets Box’

Most families, most adults, and most communities have secrets; past indiscretions they would rather forget about, and usually not very serious. But  some of them can be very painful, and are kept hidden, in a sort of a Secrets Box,  long after they need to be.

Of Magdalenes and poets

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IT IS difficult for an increasing section of the Irish population to visualise the utter power wielded by the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland prior to the mid-sixties. The law of the State was dictated, not by the taoiseach and ministers in Dáil Éireann, but by the bishops and priests from the pulpit.

Statutory inquiry into mother and baby homes must have “full powers”, say campaign groups

A statutory inquiry into all mother and baby homes must have “full powers” to compel witnesses and secure documentary evidence, particularly against religious orders, that is according to Justice for the Tuam Babies.

More than €1 million provided for major new women’s refuge

Funding of more than €1 million has been secured for a new women’s refuge in Forster Street on the site of a former Magdalene Laundry.

Eclipsed and the world of the Magdalen Laundry

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GALWAY THEATREGOERS are in for a treat next week with a new staging of Patricia Burke Brogan’s Eclipsed from Mephisto Theatre Company.

Dott announce album release date

IT IS now more than 20 years since Patricia Burke Brogan’s powerful play, Eclipsed, received its premiere in Galway from Punchbag Theatre Company.

Revisiting Eclipsed with Margaret O’Sullivan

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IT IS now more than 20 years since Patricia Burke Brogan’s powerful play, Eclipsed, received its premiere in Galway from Punchbag Theatre Company.

The Magdalen Asylum, Galway

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The Magdalen Asylum in Galway was founded in 1824 by a private person, Ms Lynch, and was managed by a society known as the Association of Ladies of the Saint Magdalen Society. At the request of the founder, the Sisters of Mercy became responsible for the operation of the institution following her death in 1845. The laundry and living quarters were separate from the convent/mother house in Galway. The living quarters included three dormitories, a kitchen, dining room, infirmary, recreation room, and a chapel. There was also a farm across the road.


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