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Caged birds sing in Music For Galway’s midwinter festival

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THE NEW year might only be a couple of weeks old but it is already time for Galway’s first festival of 2016, as Music For Galway unveils its annual midwinter festival, which runs from Friday January 22 to Sunday 24th, at the Town Hall Theatre.

Captive - Music For Galway's multimedia festival

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A MULTIMEDIA festival of music, film, and discussion will make up Captive, Music For Galway's mid-winter festival, which features music written by inmates of WWI Concentration and POW camps.

Be held Captive by Music For Galway

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MUSIC INSPIRED by what it would be like to be an alien stranded on earth, music inspired by Oscar Wilde, and music that written in a WWII POW camp, will make up Captive, 2016's Music For Galway's mid-winter festival.

'Performance is very emotional, it's human expression'

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FINGHIN COLLINS may declare himself "a musician first and then a pianist", but there is no doubting either his magnificent as a player, or his view of the piano being "a very complete instrument", as he will display in his upcoming Galway concert. Yet his love of, and interest in, other instruments, is genuine, particularly one that is somewhat under appreciated in classical music - the voice.


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