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Choosing the best mattress for lower back pain

The importance of sleeping on a suitable mattress cannot be underestimated. Sleeping on an unsuitable mattress can cause or worsen lower back pain. Adequate support from a mattress is necessary to keep your spine in alignment and will help with poor sleeping posture and muscle strains.

Treat lower back pain at CAC

Acupuncture treatments for low back pain usually focus on the urinary bladder acupuncture channel. This acupuncture meridian runs along the entire spine and low back and the buttocks, all the way to the back of the ankles.

Talk on lower back pain

To challenge some of the common myths and to give the public a greater understanding of how to manage lower back pain, the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists has published Challenging Back Pain Myths as part of its annual Move4Health campaign. To mark the Move 4 Health campaign Aiden Tighe, senior physiotherapist, HSE West, is holding an information session in the Newman Institute in Ballina from 7pm to 8pm on Monday May 9.

Alexander Technique can improve low back pain

Recent trials in the UK have shown that the Alexander Technique can be a valuable treatment for those suffering back pain. The technique was devised by Fredrick Alexander in the 1890s. It is a process of unlearning poor postural habits that cause unnecessary strain. The technique is taught in one to one lessons, and most people find them very therapeutic and educational, and notice benefits from the onset.

Back pain linked to financial stress

During this period of financial and economic uncertainty, symptoms such as lower back pain can be quite common. The reason for this is that when we are under a certain amount of stress we tend to hold our posture in a slouched or abnormal position. The constant worry and the mere uncertainty of not knowing what the future may bring manifests itself in the body, and particularly the lower back.

Presentation on back pain

If you suffer from lower back pain, you could find the answer to your back problems at a free presentation being held at the g Hotel tonight at 7.30pm.


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