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Increase in minimum wage will benefit lower paid workers – Burke

The Low Pay Commission is recommending an increase to the minimum wage of 30 cents, bringing it to €9.55 per hour.

Precarious, contingent, flexible, unstable, stressful

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Questions of labour, and its conditions, are moving into the centre of the political discussion again, driven by the rise of the so-called 'gig economy' - the notion that the sort of 'side-gig' job, long being used by many to supplement regular incomes, might instead become a mainstay of the economy.

Retail sales growth rate flat for quarter two

The Grant Thornton REI Q2 Retail Productivity Review of retail sales paints a concerning picture as industry growth rates continue to flatline. Some sectors performed well, while others experienced like for like declines. The clement spell of weather in late May and early June helped agri and garden which saw over nine per cent growth for the quarter.

What is the future for Labour, ahead of #GE16.2?

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So there we have it. A government. And even a programme to go with it. As with any document of this nature (and length) there is much that nobody will oppose - and much couched in anodyne language that will resist analysis, much less critique. There are however, some poison pills unearthed, such as the potential privatisation of healthcare facilities.


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