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The Galway Jute Spinning Company

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There seems to have been a few different names on this business but it was known locally as the bag factory. The chairman, Lieutenant Colonel James O’Hara, reported to the Select Committee on Industries Ireland (1884-85) on the company.

President hails new friendship between Ireland and Britain

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The relationship between Ireland and Britain is “a friendly, co-operative partnership based on mutual respect, reciprocal benefit, and deep and indelible personal links”.

A weekend of dancing days

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A MUSICAL about capitalism, site-specific performances, and a symposium will form the Galway Dance Days festival which takes place tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday.

Six of the best on stage

LIVERPOOL-GALWAY punk band Vamos will storm the stage of Kelly’s Bar, Bridge Street tomorrow, headlining a bill featuring six bands.

PINS – ‘We can get more agGressive than we should’

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PINS HAVE been called a ‘Manchester band’ - which to some is not a geographical description, but a musical signifier - or as ‘Manc post punk’, which situates them in a particular time and musical pigeon hole, but there is far more to the exciting quartet than these labels can convey.

St Anthony’s relics to visit Galway Cathedral

The relics of one of the Catholic Church’s most popular saints will visit Galway Cathedral on Tuesday.

Lifeboat – ‘an amazing story of endurance and survival’

ON THE night of September 17 1940, the cruise liner SS City Of Benares was part of a convoy sailing across the Atlantic from England to Canada. On board were 406 people including 90 children, aged from five to 15, being evacuated from wartime Britain.

Lights and wonderful music at Claregalway Castle

There was an air of abandonment and fun in Claregalway last Saturday evening as the International Summer Music School and Festival came to a glorious end.

Athenry images to be beamed to audience at Liverpool v Celtic

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Images from the town of Athenry, will be beamed across the screens at the Aviva Stadium during the upcoming Liverpool v Celtic game this weekend. Both teams supporters use the iconic anthem The Fields of Athenry written by legendary songwriter Pete St John.

Bluegrass music @ Monroe’s Live

THEYMAY be named after the tip end of Cornwall, but bluegrass band Land’s End draws members from Gloucester, Liverpool, Munich, Dublin, Cork, and Galway.


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