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Liven up your lips with Lancôme’s new Juicy Shaker lip gloss

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Shake shake shake, dab dab dab: the newest lip revolution has landed.

Lipsmacking treats

Burt’s Bees has introduced a new addition to its popular lip balm range, the number one selling natural lip balm in the US and the UK - two Burt’s Bees balms are sold every second globally.

Getting a buzz the natural way

Is there a party on the horizon? Or are you thinking ahead to the festive season? If so, it may be time to think of getting your party pout ready in time for the celebrations.

Fabulous Elizabeth Arden gift with purchase

Receive your fabulous beauty gift worth €26 available from Thursday April 11 until Thursday May 2 - yours with the purchase of two or more Elizabeth Arden products (one to be skincare).

Beauty advice from Mingala

How do I choose a lipstick colour that suits my skin tone? I spend so much money on lipstick but can never get one that really suits me. Any advice?

Notes for the season

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Seven deadly sins of beauty

Lip balms good enough to eat

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The ultimate in natural lip loving care is here. With three captivating and rejuvenating lip balm flavours from The Handmade Soap Co., you can now leave your lips moisturised, protected, and feeling simply amazing.

Get your lips ready for Valentine’s

Cold temperature, wind, matt lipstick, and even medication can all dehydrate fragile lips, leaving them sore and chapped, a big no no when it comes to romance. Not only are dry and cracked lips less than attractive, they can also be painful and extremely uncomfortable.

Notes for the season

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After last week’s column on make-up addictions, my inbox was inundated with mail. It seems every woman has a few items that cross the line in her kit from a mere like to a love. Personally I think everything you have in your make-up kit or wardrobe should be a ‘love’. Life is too short for ‘likes’.

Notes for the season

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If compulsion, loss of control, personality changes, and facing unpleasant consequences are all signs of an addiction, then I have stared down the barrel. Though I do not wear much make-up, I love make-up. I agree with Dianne Von Furstenberg when she wisely tweeted that a girl’s handbag is her “home during the day”, and in that bag lies our beloved cosmetics. I have turned the car around and driven straight back home upon realising mid-rush hour commute that I have left a favourite lip gloss (it’s now Chanel’s number 51) or Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in the bathroom. I can almost sense, like a phantom limb, when I’m missing something. I once left a coat behind in a restaurant, and the magnitude did not hit me until I realised later that night with a sharp pain in my chest that my Chanel lip gloss was in the pocket of the coat. I am also a girl who sold a Volkswagen years ago, and still have a sneaking suspicion that my limited edition (the curse of the make-up world) Christian Dior sparkly lip gloss had rolled in under the driver’s seat. The new owner assured me he looked, but did he really?


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