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The Wolf of Wall Street

Castlebar Rotary Club is organising a gala evening at Mayo Movie World to raise funds for a school building project in South Africa.

What hope has a kitten in a town full of dogs?

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There were disturbing echoes of the Imelda Riney murders in a wood near Whitegate, Co Clare, in April 17 years ago, in Enda Walsh’s new play Misterman, which opened this years Arts Festival on Monday. Imelda and her young four-years -old son and a priest were shot by Brendan O’Donnell, who later killed himself in prison. Woods are beautiful in springtime, but since our childhood fairy tales have told us that woods can be sinister places. In a superb piece of stage business Thomas Magill leads his angelic Edel into the woods along a green carpet which rolls out ahead of them, leading to the river where they sit. We don’t hear of Edel’s fate till the last moments of the play, but we have our suspicions.

Political thriller with excellent performances

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THE PENULTIMATE year of the Bush administration produced several Hollywood films which attempted to be critical of US foreign policy.

Revolutionary Road

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If there ever was a film to portray the boring monotonous hell of life in surburbia, or should I say disturbia, then Revolutionary Road is it. Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet are back together again and on form as their characters struggle to do the unthinkable - do what they want to do, not what society demands.


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