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So Aniar, and yet so far

Aniar is the third best restaurant in Galway. If we are to believe the TripAdvisor rankings, that is. Yes, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in the whole of Galway currently takes the bronze behind the “consistently good” Gourmet Tart Company and the “excellent little gem” that is Oscar’s Seafood Bistro. With The Galleon and Kirwan’s Lane restaurant completing the top five, you may or may not agree with this analysis of the current state of dining in Galway.

Was 2010 good or bad for food and restaurants in Galway?

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The answer to this question is like many other questions, it depends; it depends on which side of the counter you are. For consumers, I think it has been a good year, prices for most items are better than before and I don’t believe quality has suffered. For business owners, it has been tough; however most have survived and hopefully most will survive through 2011.

No crucifixion for restaurants who sold drink on Good Friday

No alcohol means no alcohol, especially on Good Friday as nine Galway city centre restaurants found out after they were summoned to appear at Galway District Court this week.


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