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Our monstrous weather and finances

In the midst of our miserable weather, and dire financial troubles the series of ‘unfortunate’, or at least most unusual, events continued last year. Stringing them all together, as Dr Kieran Hickey does in his interesting book* reminds us that little old Ireland, blessed and loved by the saints, a ‘nation cradled in the arms of St Patrick’ (as I was taught in national school), is, alas, not excluded from strange geophysical events such as extreme weather conditions, including volcanoes and earthquakes, as we may have once believed. Although it was extremely rare for all these events to happen in the same year, I am sorry to say that having spoken to Dr Hickey this week, we’d better batten down the hatches, and prepare for a worse walloping to come. Just over 200 years ago the weather gave Mary Shelley monstrous dreams...but more of that in a moment.

New collection at Custom House Studio

Custom House Studios with Westport Arts Festival 2008, will host a book launch and reading from the new poetry collection ‘Points West’ by Gerald Dawe at the Creel Restaurant, Westport Quay, on Thursday October 9 at 8pm. The guest speaker on the evening will be Thomas Kilroy.


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