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‘Life led me away from writing another novel until now’

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Percy Bysse Shelley once famously declared that “poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world”. While he may have been boosting his own profession with the remark, history furnishes quite a few examples of authors who were actual legislators.

‘Politicians are all the same’

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“Politicians are all the same“ is a very common refrain these days, and although it may disturb the more idealistic candidates and their canvassers, it has more than a grain of truth. The two governments that have reigned throughout the Irish economic meltdown have pursued the same policies, making the people pay for a crisis that was none of their doing.

2015 - a time for optimism but I look forward to the political challenge, says Labour TD Nolan

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It is time for optimism. After so many years of bad news, the economy is growing again and growing strongly, with 80,000 new jobs have been created in the last 24 months and unemployment is at a five year low. Austerity budgets are over and this month will see the first tax cuts and income increases for families since the crisis hit in 2008.

Water charges motion fails to get hearing at council meeting

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A motion demanding the Galway City Council call for the abolition of water charges and not comply with demands from Irish Water to hand over tenants' information failed to even get a hearing at last night’s city council meeting.

Will Walsh or Kyne survive the 2016 General Election?

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It was not the bank collapse of 2008, the implosion of the economy, the unforgivable bank guarantee, nor four years of harsh austerity measures which forced the Irish people on to the streets in protest.

Will Kitt or Keaveney win the Fianna Fáil seat in Galway East?

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The catastrophic collapse of Fianna Fáil’s support at the last general election saw the party lose half of its seats in Galway as it nose-dived to the worst electoral result in its illustrious history.

‘The people are mightier than a lord’

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Week III

Galway City Council figures reveal city election candidates’ expenses

Expenses ranging from more that €9,000 to under €1,000 were incurred by local election candidates across Galway city’s three wards in May’s local elections. However one candidate’s campaign cost him only €39.

Why Joan Burton is the best choice for Labour leader

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Insider is, this week, looking at the contest for the Labour leadership, from a Labour perspective, in the aftermath of what was a disastrous election for the party in which it lost three seats on the Galway City Council.

Ending on a high note as Taoiseach charms Kenagh crowd

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At the end of a day in which Fine Gael were taking a substantial hit at polling booths across the country, it was no wonder that embattled Taoiseach Enda Kenny wanted to finish on a high note.


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