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Lovely Easter roast lamb

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Easter is only a few days away, and traditionally roast lamb is served on Easter Sunday. This tradition goes back to a time before Easter, where a sacrificial lamb was roasted and eaten to celebrate the first Passover by the Jewish people. As Hebrews converted to Christianity, they brought their traditions with them. The Christians often reference Jesus as the Lamb of God, thus the traditions merged.

Simple home cooking

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Spring is in the air, but there is still a bite of cold out there at the minute. This week I have got some simple, but delicious delights that you can whip up very easily that will have everyone at home looking for more.

The importance of chocolate

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It is a cold February morning as I write this column. The sun is coming out now, but it looks like we may have a cold week ahead. Next weekend is Valentine's, and many hearts can be melted with these lovely chocolate recipes that I have decided to share with you.

Leftover luxury: warm turkey salad with pickled cranberries

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Use up any left-over turkey by tossing together Siúcra’s warm turkey salad with pickled cranberries. This delicious festive salad combines all of the flavours and colours of Christmas with sweet cranberries, pickled with Siúcra Caster Sugar, and sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and pecans, caramelised using Siúcra Rich Dark Brown Sugar. It is the perfect light meal to serve on St Stephen’s Day after the indulgence of the day before.

Cheap, cheerful, and delicious college dinners

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After a summer of mixed weather, we enjoyed the sun we had, Mayo are in yet another final against Dublin, and September has sneaked up on us, so it’s back to reality for most of us in Mayo.


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