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Foxy P Cox at The Dirty Circus

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THE SUMMER may be coming to a close, but temperatures are set to sore and sizzle when Foxy P Cox, one of Ireland's leading burlesque performers, takes to the stage of The Dirty Circus.

Don those 'Fancy Pants' for The Dirty Circus

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NEW YEAR'S resolutions are mostly about trying to do what you have so far failed to do, rarely are they about treating yourself, and they are never about indulging in anything remotely naughty.

Dirty Circus's 'Legendary Christmas Party'

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SAUCE, SLEAZE, and all things 'naughty but nice', and with a hefty dose of body positivity and celebrating diversity, Galway's much loved burlesque and cabaret night, The Dirty Circus, is hosting its 'Legendary Christmas Party'.

A Very Special Dirty Circus

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WHEN IS a show by The Dirty Circus not special? Never! So to go one better than its normal high standards means A Very Special Dirty Circus, which happens to be the title of its next outing at the Róisín Dubh.

Hot sauce and heat at The Dirty Circus

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THE WEATHER these days? To quote the title of an old British sit-com, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum! However if you thought it was hot outside, it’s nothing to the heat that will be generated inside The Dirty Circus.

Get sizzling with The Dirty Circus

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BETTY ROSE Royal will make her Irish debut at September Sizzle, this month's show from The Dirty Circus, and another top quality night of burlesque and cabaret sauce and sexiness is assured.

Hard lovin’ Valentines with The Dirty Circus

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THE LIGHTS will be low, but the spirits will be high as the cream of Irish and world burlesque struts its sexy stuff on stage for The Dirty Circus' Valentines Hard Lovin' Party in the Róisín Dubh.

Summer Lovin' with The Dirty Circus

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STOCKINGS, SUSPENDERS, decadently glamorous women, and outrageously out there men - it's all coming to The Dirty Circus's Summer Lovin' show this weekend.

The Dirty Circus Halloween party

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THE DIRTY Circus burlesque and cabaret night returns for Halloween, adding a touch of gothic thrills and scares to its ever popular mixture of burlesque dance, song, and comedy with lashings of sauce and sexiness.


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