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Bell Book and Kindle Act II

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LAST JANUARY, in this column, I ruminated on the nature of and effect the Kindle may have on the printed book. On foot of the varied reaction to the article, I decided it was something that deserved further investigation and to this end, let my nearest and dearest know that a Kindle would be a most welcome birthday gift.

From Brandon to Brooklyn

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IT IS 1988 and all eyes are on the western skies. Wide-eyed, wild yet innocent, they watch the jetstream trails over Brandon Mountain. Soon they will be up there on one of the planes bound for a new life across the Atlantic. Big dreams, work hard, get rich, and someday maybe...if things get better they will come back home again.

Galway writer launches new book

WHEN A long-lost aunt bequeaths a mysterious golden cross to Amanda Morrison, a strange series of events ensues, taking her back to Mediaeval Ireland and the downfall of the Spanish Armada.

Enjoying the crash with Julian Gough

In The Great Goat Bubble, Julian Gough showed he had a rare flair for creating great comedy out of the mad, mad, world of international finance and he repeats the trick in his new book, Crash, How I Lost a Hundred Billion and Found True Love.

Julian Gough hits top spot in UK with ebook

CRASH!, Julian Gough’s surreal, comic, and topical Kindle Single novella about the Irish and European economic downturn, has become the top-selling short story in Britain.

Julian Gough’s new novella on Anglo-type greed to be published in two weeks

As the revelations from the Anglo tapes cause public revulsion at the financial culture of greed, megalomania, and callous disregard for the welfare of the State and its citizens, a new novella, which satirises such behaviour, is about to be published.

Guest who “did the nasty” on hostess gets nine months

A homeless female burglar who stole from a house in which she was a guest, was given nine months in prison this week (March 3) after she walked into the Garda station and informed them there was an outstanding warrant against her.

Gort woman’s first novel explores the search for love

A novel written by a Gort based former home e conomics teacher will hit the bookshelves later this month.

Bell, book and Kindle

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AS A bookseller, the perceived challenge posed by modern technology in general, and by the Kindle in particular, to the continued existence of the book is a matter of professional and personal concern.

Book launches at Over The Edge

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GALWAY AUTHORS Yvonne McEvaddy and Rejini Samuel will launch their new novels at the Over The Edge Writers’ Gathering at The Kitchen, Galway City Museum, on Wednesday May 9 at 8pm.


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