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The like of which we may not see again

O come ye all who are interested in maritime matters and pursuers of craic and welcome to this most westerly of cities for the short time you will be among us...May the draw of this place of the Tribes drag ye in off the ocean...May the wind sneak behind you before filling your sails and make ye glide into our port... may your arms pump the energy like a Frankie Gavin elbow...May the pounding of your heart as it primes the pistons of your body act like a gentle staccato soundtrack in the movie of your feat...May the hard disk drives of your mind become sponges to absorb all that is around you. May you fill your lungs with all that is Galwayness and let that soak through your being...May you, winners all, see among the faces on the shore, the smiles of your family and friends who will be glad to see you after so long at sea...may you embrace them and embrace us with the same fervour...may you take the applause of the thousands and believe that each utterance of 'fair play to ya' is a heartfelt blessing from the giver...May your time among us be one of wonderment and satisfaction...may every piece of morsel that passes your lips here detonate your taste buds and may every soothing drink spread its coolness throughout you... May you enjoy Galway and all that it offers you and may you be intoxicated by the uniqueness of this strange place set on a rock facing the Atlantic, perpetually enduring the wind and rain that ye endured for nine months and, with that knowledge, may ye show even more wonderment at our good humour...may you feel the warmth we all have for you next week...may you stand and sit and share our music, may your foot tap to the box players, may you hum along to Two Injured Swans by the Saw Doctors...may you understand our culture, our strange customs and see why you were right to come back again among us and why we hope you will do it again and again...may the royal princes who visit feel chilled enough to sip pints and talk about Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the chances of an Abba revival...May you walk the streets and be enveloped in the magical mist that is Galwayness, that strange force that makes us leave behind thoughts of what we could have been to concentrate on what we are...May your minds never be too exercised working out what is unique about this place and why it turns grown people into children...may you ease those aching muscles in our midst...may you realise that this welcome afforded you is one built on voluntary genuine spirit and not on massive resources...may you see what we have done with the finale and how we are using it to showcase what we do...may you enjoy the foods, be enlightened by the innovation, the conversation, be amused by our creativity and may you bring with you throughout the world, a memory of Galway that will make you want to tell others about it, so that they too can come here and sample all of this for welcome to the Volvo family, all who are racing, watching, absorbing. May we thank you for choosing us. Welcome to Galway...let it be your home while you are here.

Youngsters Duane and Molloy are giving it their best shot

Captaining your club to county success at any level is something to which all good club footballers aspire, and this Sunday Johnny Duane (St James) and Adrian Molloy (Corofin) will hope to be hoisting the county u-21 cup at around 5.30pm.

Jury to resume deliberations in Cunningham murder trial

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The jury in the case of a Polish man on trial for the “quiet and deadly” murder of a 20-year-old man outside a Galway nightclub, will begin its second day of deliberations at the Central Criminal Court today (Thursday).

Trial of Cunningham murder accused to begin next week

The trial of a man charged with the murder of Claregalway man Kieran Cunningham is to begin next week at the Central Criminal Court.

Corofin narrowly defeat Oughterard in u-21 final

Corofin collected the u-21 A football title at the weekend with a 2-09 to 0-12 victory over a talented and hard-working Oughterard.

Corofin fall short against St Gall's

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“Tot Homines Quot Sententiae” - a Latin maxim states that for every person, there is an opinion. And the Corofin supporters leaving Parnell Park late on Saturday night, feeling despondent after yet another All-Ireland semi-final defeat, also had many diverse opinions.

Killanin will fancy their chances

The county minor final which throws in at 1.30 on Sunday brings together old rivals Killanin and Corofin. It should be a humdinger of a game and well worth the effort of getting to the stadium early.

High Noone — victory for the man who came from nowhere

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To opt to stand for Fianna Fail in his first election at a time of almost universal disdain for the party requires a certain amount of courage or foolhardiness. That Claregalway man Malachy Noone managed to pull it off, taking votes right across the Oranmore electoral area shows that perhaps element of both were needed.

Galway v Dublin provides highlight of weekend’s NFL action

It is funny what makes you feel loved and appreciated. I have just spent the last 20 minutes talking to God on the big white telephone with our three-years-old Neasa rubbing my back, giving me hugs, and telling me that it will be OK.. “You’ll be better soon…” was the recurring mantra.

It’s a weekend worth fighting off the flu for

It is funny what makes you feel loved and appreciated. I have just spent the last 20 minutes talking to God on the big white telephone with our three-years-old Neasa rubbing my back, giving me hugs, and telling me that it will be OK. “You’ll be better soon…” was the recurring mantra.


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