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World-class healthcare – the children of Ireland deserve no less

As clinicians responsible for delivering secondary and tertiary paediatric and neonatal healthcare, our number one priority is providing the best possible care to our patients.

Forty Galway shops sought to collect court fines at the tills

Along with milk and bread, some people will be adding ‘pay court fine’ to their shopping list from early next year as the Court Service is looking for 40 local shops in Galway to take part in a national penalty payment initiative.

Jail for Mullingar man’s “proceeds of crime”

A Mullingar man has been jailed for money laundering offences after he made payments via Western Union for drugs to be imported from the USA.

Margaretta D’Arcy sent back to prison

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Peace activist Margaretta D’Arcy is back in Limerick Prison following her refusal to sign a bond to stay away from restricted areas of Shannon Airport.

Assault charge struck out against Westport man

At the holiday sitting of Castlebar District Court on Wednesday, Judge Conal Gibbons struck out a charge of assault against a Westport man.

Man who was found with drugs in Garda station is making progress

A man from Ballina was who was found in possession of €30 worth of drugs at Castlebar Garda Station was before Ballina District Court this week for a probation report. Judge Mary Devins said that the man seems to be “making some moves in the right direction”.

Diesel thief to remain under supervision of probation services

A 21-year-old man who filled up with his car with €30 worth of diesel and drove off without paying was back before Ballina District Court this week for a probation report.

Man smashed van with pitchfork over jibes

A man who caused damage to a Transit van after the owner of the van disrespected the defendant’s dead mother, has had the criminal damage charge dismissed under Section 11A at Ballina District Court this week.

Pregnant woman faces two separate sentences

A pregnant woman awaiting a Circuit Court sentence for false imprisonment during a burglary was warned she would still go to jail if she came to any further Garda attention within the next six months.

Six months suspended sentence for pepper spray incident

A 28-year-old man who struck out at gardai so violently that they were forced to use pepper spray to subdue and arrest him has been given a six month suspended sentence.


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