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Sinead O'Connor to play the Róisín Dubh

On Thursday October 17, Sinead O'Connor upholds her promise of playing in Galway after missing out on the Galway International Arts Festival four years ago, by taking to the Róisín Dubh stage for a unique and intimate performance.

Jeffrey Lewis - the indie-rock bohemian

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HE GREW up in a counterculture atmosphere on New York’s Lower East Side, surrounded by music, comic books, and alternative ways of looking at the world. He is Jeffrey Lewis - singer, songwriter, lyricist, artist, storyteller, and comic book creator.

David Keenan - rising folk star for Róisín Dubh

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FOLLOWING DAVID Keenan's Other Voices show in Dingle las month, Tony Clayton-Lea Tweeted it was a "contender for gig of the year", describing the singer-songwriter as the "offspring of Van Morrison, The Waterboys, and The Frames".

The Deans at Róisín Dubh

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Imagine Jack Kerouac and George Orwell incubated a test tube baby in muddy water and on its first birthday was adopted by Joe Strummer, who raised it on a steady diet of rock and roll and Dylan.


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