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Privilege of being county’s ‘first citizen’ a true ‘honour’ for Keena

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Outgoing Westmeath County Council Cathaoirleach, Cllr Frankie Keena, noted his “honour” at being elected as the county’s ‘first citizen’, as he passed on the Mayor’s chain to Cllr Aengus O’Rourke following his term of office at the recent AGM of the local authority.

Wild nights of burning and murder

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Clifden was not the only town to experience the terror of British forces running wild, shooting, and setting fire to buildings. The previous year, July 19 1920, Tuam suffered a similar experience as Clifden, only mercifully no resident was killed on that occasion.

Commission on Defence Forces an opportunity for “positive change”


Local authority confirms start date for Quinlan Park housing development

Contracts were recently signed between Westmeath County Council and Sammon Developments Ltd. for the construction of ten new homes, associated parking, public open space and site development works at Cornamagh, Athlone, Co. Westmeath with construction to commence in September.

Warden Bodkin’s right hand is missing…

During the afternoon and evening of Sunday July 12 1691 the people of Galway could hear the distant thud of cannons as two armies in the Cogadh na Dá Rí (war of the two kings) was nearing its climax. The Irish army, led by the inept French general, Charles Chalmont, Marquis de Saint-Ruhe, known as Saint Ruth, and the heroic Earl of Lucan, Patrick Sarsfield, had taken a stand on Kilcommodon Hill, below which lay the village of Aughrim, some 5km from Ballinasloe, Co Galway.

Broken angels tell a tale

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Living in Ireland during the mid 17th century was a frightening and a bloody time. Following the extreme political crisis that resulted in civil war in England, Ireland was plunged into a period of despair that would lead to the surrender of Galway, and the beginning of its gradual demise. The invasion by Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army, a ruthless exterminating machine, in 1649, led by Cromwell himself, not only destroyed all military opposition, besieged and ransacked towns, and imposed harsh penal laws on Catholic survivors, but it changed the demographic of the cities and lands with the resettlement of faithful Cromwellian generals, and their families. And in a new twist: tens of thousands of Irish people were transported to plantations in the West Indies, and elsewhere.

The girl with the green coat, and so on….

It is not a general practice anymore to have a paying student living in your house. But in earlier years a live-in student was generally seen as a blessing. He or she paid a modest sum for a bed and three meals a day, the parents of the young prodigy were delighted that he or she was safe in a ‘good home’, and it was handy pocket money for the lady of the house who looked after them. It was a common practice all over the town but for a time was concentrated in the areas of Salthill, College Road, Canal Road, Fr Griffin Road and Newcastle.

The very best of Irish stand up comedy to the stage to launch Rough Set Ireland 2019!

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Comedians Francis Cronin, Joe Rooney, Karl Spain & a very special celebrity guest will bring the very best of Irish stand-up comedy to the stage to launch Rough Set Ireland 2019, at the legendary Roísín Dubh.

Specially convened meeting to address Defence Forces personnel predicament

A special meeting dedicated to serving Defence Forces personnel to discuss their present public service pay conditions predicament is expected to be convened in August.


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