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Natural sleep aids with Evergreen Healthfoods

Sleep is vital, without sleep we can be cranky, withdrawn, agitated, and just not ourselves. Sleep impacts our day to day lives in various ways including cognitive functions such as creativity and decision making. It is essential that you are getting the right amount. Although it is not always that easy. The recommended amount of sleep is seven to nine hours a night, yet most people get between five and six hours. This is not an adequate amount if you wish to function at your optimum level.

Dr Bhatti, I have been sleeping very badly for over three months, any advice?

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More women suffer from insomnia than men and incidences increase dramatically in 65 year-olds and over.

Combat anxiety and depression with Care Cure Acupuncture

If you have never experienced mental illness, bouts of depression or anxiety can be all too easily dismissed as someone’s bad day. But for those individuals suffering from anxiety, insomnia, crying spells, worry, memory loss, and apathy, depression is a crippling disability.

Reflexology for better wellbeing at Catherine Schreiber Reflexology Clinic

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Catherine Schreiber, a French native, worked in Millau in the south of France for 10 years as a reflexologist, reiki therapist, and massage therapist. In 2004 she trained in reflexology at the International Institute of Reflexology, and graduated in 2005.

Nineties dance @ Stock Exchange

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DJ MICKY MAC of 2FM will be in The Stock Exchange Bar tomorrow to launch the Shop Street venue’s new clubnight - Old School Insomnia.

Improve your sleep with Care Cure acupuncture and Chinese medicine

Ten tips for a healthy life

1. Exercise. People who exercise regularly have raised levels of infection fighting cells in their blood, they also have more energy. A daily exercise routine, even a short walk, will help ward off seasonal sniffles, create feelings of wellbeing, help you reduce tension and relax. Aim for 30 minutes a day, ideally.

How to get a good night’s sleep

If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep you are not alone. About one in 10 people has difficulty sleeping on three or more nights a week.

Combat depression with Care Cure acupuncture

Depression can be a particularly sensitive condition. If you have never experienced mental illness, it can be all too easy to dismiss this crippling condition as someone’s bad day. Depressed individuals typically suffer from insomnia, crying spells, anxiety, worry, poor memory, lack of interest, and stomach disturbances.

Internationally acclaimed author visits Castlebar

Richard Brennan is the author of seven books on the Alexander Technique. He has appeared on BBC and RTE television, as well as on national and local radio and newspapers, and is in Castlebar for the first time for a workshop on posture and pain.

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