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The best Oscar winning films to watch this week

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A LOW key Oscars this year struck a tasteful tone given the year we’ve had, and the 2021 awards were spread throughout a group of deserving and interesting films.

No love for olives when it comes to pizza

In a shock development for anyone who agrees that pineapple has no business being on a pizza, olives have been found to be the nation's least favourite topping according to Irish-owed chain Four Star Pizza.

Gardenwise | Winter Stars Get Ready for Their Close-Up

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This week it feels as though deciduous garden plants are really getting serious about bedtime. The wind and rain of the last few days have brought leaves cascading down, and those still clinging on have turned yellow overnight, as though to signal their intentions. It’s an untidy season, which is probably one of the reasons I don’t like it very much – but it was still good to get outside for an hour at the weekend to begin the clean-up. You need to keep moving outside at this time of year to keep the cold at bay, so I gathered several buckets of fallen leaves to add to the leaf mould pile beside the shed.

Films to discover, films worth watching again

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THE CINEMAS have not yet reopened and the nights have gotten even longer, so I have put together a list of some excellent films available on Netflix you might not have watched or be aware they are available on the service.

Two mercilessly honest women poets

OF LATE, it has been in vogue for male publishers to publish young women poets. Some people think this has something to do with feminism. However, male publishers tend to be less interested in emerging woman poets over 40 – an age when many women, having raised families, begin seriously writing poems.

Shobha Mythili - Shobha's Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage Studio

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Shobha's Reflexology and pregnancy studio opened its doors in October 2020 in Castlebar for reflexology, ante natal care reflexology and pregnancy massages.

City gets ready for Make Way Day

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Local authorities will host virtual meetings, at 11am tomorrow with their local disabilities groups.

Fantasy Football round two preview

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Round one of the Premier League is done and dusted and we got good value from our eight games with 23 goals scored. There were no shocks on the opening weekend as Fulham and West Brom fell to 3-0 defeats to Arsenal and Leicester City respectively with Chelsea securing three points away to Brighton.

A hero’s welcome for ‘Miracle Man’ Paddy

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Paddy Grant looked out of his bedroom window each day hoping to spot a seagull and a crow. All he usually saw was scaffolding and a blue sky peeping in between the gaps in the large steel frame.

Trees not paper for Uddin

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If you've had Labour Party candidate Kamal Uddin come knocking on your door over the past few weeks you won't have been handed another leaflet to tell you about his campaign pledges, because Uddin is doing things a bit differently than other candidates.


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