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New study reveals living with a food allergy costs an average €1,600 a year

New safefood funded research that looked at the cost of living with a food allergy or coeliac disease in Ireland has estimated that the average cost burden for a child with a food allergy is €1,439 every year, rising to €1,602 for an adult.

Some common allergic reactions and regularly noted food sensitivities

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A food sensitivity is a bad reaction to a food that is otherwise safe to eat.

Simple ways to boost your immune system

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The pressures of modern living can take a toll on all of us. Stress, smoking, alcohol, insufficient sleep, and an unhealthy diet are all enemies of the immune system. They can weaken it, leaving us vulnerable to illness and disease.

Evergreen healthfoods guide to immune support

Our immune health needs to be maintained year round, but this is even more important in the winter months as various illnesses travel around.

Affording due attention to impact of allergies on the human body

In recent times, the Athlone Advertiser chatted with Joyce Clegg, Managing Director of The Allergy Clinic in the Galway Clinic, pertaining to matters allergies and their impact on the human body and surrounding environment.

How sleep helps to strengthen your immune system

Did you know that good night's sleep plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy immune system? Our immune system is the first line of defense against viruses and infections. Plenty of good quality sleep can help ensure our immune system is robust.

Top tips to support your immune system this summer

Éva-Hill Hamilton, Scope clinical nutritionist, has shared her seven top tips on how to support the immune system as research from the ‘Scope Gut Education Report’ reveals that almost half (46 percent) of people in Ireland are unsatisfied with their level of knowledge on gut health.

Support your immune system, naturally - part two

Last week we discussed some of our favourite vitamins and herbs to support your wellbeing and immune health. Now for part two we will look at these nutrients in a little more detail. Here are Evergeen's product recommendations under those categories.

How sleep helps to strengthen the immune system

Did you know a good night's sleep plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy immune system?

Evergreen can help support the immune system, naturally

The body works hard to fight off infections, but there are things people can do to support their immune system to help keep them healthy.


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