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Have patience with those re-emerging

Imagine if you can, that you have been hibernating in the far end of the chamber at Newgrange all year, wrapped up in the darkness, comfortable with your own forced comfort, and only stirred and woken by the advancing light of that solstice sun making its way like an orange sabre, as if it is setting fire to the dusty floor until it rests at last at your bare foot.

Smiles needed? Call the Songbirds!

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I can’t imagine my garden without birds, and I love each and every one of them, from the perky robins who perch a few feet away and eye you up speculatively, to the pair of collared doves that land together every so often, exchange a few mildly puzzled coos and lumber off again, looking confused. By encouraging birds of all kinds into the garden, you’re giving it the best possible chance of being a healthy, balanced ecosystem – they may come for the food you’ve left out, but they’ll stay to hoover up greenfly, slugs and lots of other garden ‘pests’ that have designs on your plants.

Old rivals set to showdown once again

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You would imagine there is very little more than can be written about Mayo and Dublin's rivalry over the past seven years.

Yesterday - imagine if Black Mirror was upbeat and fun

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YESTERDAY IS a kind of a positive feature length episode of Black Mirror - a pretty basic surreal concept but some pretty exciting talent behind the camera in director Danny Boyle, and writer Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill).

Get ready for RUXI’s midnight runners

Imagine the scene in a small rural cottage. It’s nine o clock on a Saturday (the regular crowd shuffles in)...Paddy is in the jacks, clean-shaven, unusually clean shaven for that hour of the night. New geansai on him. His Sunday mass geansai. His sums copy shirt underneath. A pair of Farah slacks giving him shape. Smell of Old Spice and Lynx off him. At this hour of a Saturday, he’s normally just about to get ready for cocoa and slippers and a shout at the telly “how did that hoor Darcy get his own TV show...”

How to re-imagine the works of Wilde

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IMAGINE A therapy class in a prison, where the therapist tests the prisoners’ patience and imaginations through the work of Oscar Wilde. This is Pan Pan Theatre's The Importance Of Nothing.

Summer seafood at Mary’s Fish

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Who can imagine summer without summer food? Steaming corn on the cob, each kernel bursting with flavour. Burgers on the barbecue and ice cream sundaes. The smell of ripe stone fruit, dripping with sweet juice.

Time to catch the firestarters

Imagine 2040 — and how much will have changed.

Imagine the future of possibilities with proper broadband

Imagine is to roll out more high speed broadband services in Mayo. This will make high speed broadband available to homes in the area from Ballina to Castlebar and Islandeady to Swinford and the rural areas in between. This further investment in the county is a result of the large demand for services in the broadband black spots that Imagine has already covered.

Imagine a day on the John Lennon bus

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Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon, believes her late husband would be "very satisfied" with the music education bus that has been named in his honour.


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