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Iceland Ireland adds seven new Slimming World ready meals to its exclusive range

Iceland Ireland is making it that bit easier to stick to healthy New Year resolutions with the introduction of seven new Slimming World ready meals this January. For the first time, this will include the iconic diet cola chicken ready meal (€4), meaning that customers will be able to enjoy a delicious meal while also staying on track to achieve their health goals.

Sticking to weight loss goals has never been easier thanks to new Slimming World additions at Iceland

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Iceland Ireland has everything you need to slim down for good with some tasty new Slimming World additions now available across its 26 stores nationwide.

Time to go to Iceland

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Iceland is the ideal place for taking a weekend break and setting foot on a European outpost with an exciting, lively, ancient, and thriving culture all of its own.

Oh the Green and Red of Iceland!

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No sooner had Ireland’s impressive Euro 2016 campaign come to an end in sweltering Lyon, but I was looking for another bandwagon to hop on. Iceland’s plucky unbeaten run through the group stage had already caught my eye and after their deserved win against England on Monday night it was decided, the Nordic republic would have my full support.

EU action on mackerel welcomed by MEP Higgins

MEP for Ireland North West and member of the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee, Jim Higgins, has welcomed proposed EU measures announced this week to limit the over-fishing of North Atlantic mackerel stocks.

Icelandic films @ the fleadh

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ICELAND’S ECONOMY imploded in 2008 devastating the nation, but through courage, unorthodox ingenuity, and zero tolerance for politicians’ excuses, the nation is getting back on its feet.

Icelandic MP to address public meeting on EU/IMF bailout

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Iceland and Ireland both suffered catastrophic financial meltdowns in 2008, but unlike Ireland, Iceland’s people forced the government to resign and the country was quick to hold investigations into bank practices.

Clash of the ash could cost us cash

While the arrival of the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano a few weeks ago might have been viewed as one of the novelties of time that history throws up again now and again, its reappearance this week could cast a darker cloud on the Irish economy.

The joke is on us

Remember the joke ‘What’s the difference between Iceland and Ireland? One letter and six months!’ Oh how Insider wishes that had been true.


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