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See Casablanca on the big screen

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"OF ALL the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine." "We'll always have Paris." "Play it, Sam." It is one of the greatest films of all time, one of the most loved, and filled with memorable quotes. It is Casablanca.

Alan McMonagle - voyager of discovery

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NEXT THURSDAY, March 9 at 6pm, the Galway City Library will host the launch of what is sure to be one of the best Irish novels of this year - Ithaca by Galway writer Alan McMonagle, and published by Picador.

A story to make the Marquis de Sade twitch in his crypt

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THIS NEAR horror story of a novel contains a positive message which surely applies to most of us: however messed up your relationships are, or have been, even the most embarrassing catastrophe in the history of your love life was a paragon of balance and sanity compared to an average day in the life of most of the characters in this darkest of tales.

Base Camp

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"I’m not going to climb it! I told you already, I don’t climb, I climb out of bed in the morning and that’s it. Anyway since when were you pagan?"


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