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Housekeeping tips for autumn

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With October now a week old and the weather deteriorating, it is likely we will be spending more time indoors at home. To make home a more alluring prospect here at the we have a few tips.

Restore or renew with the Cleaning Corporation

The amount of disposable income in homes today is down considerably, so saving money is vital. People are looking to restore items of furniture, carpets, and floor coverings rather than replace them with new. Cleaning and restoration can restore your carpets, floors and upholstery giving them an as new look, making them look and feel like new but at a very small fraction of the cost. The Cleaning Corporation has been cleaning and restoring carpets and upholstery for almost 15 years. Their method of cleaning is recommended by leading carpet manufactures and only the very best cleaning solutions and equipment are used.

The Clean Corner

A home kept clean and comfortable with the minimum effort and expense has been the dream of people for generations. Good Housekeeping promised us back in 1922 that “the time spent on housework can be enormously reduced without any loss of comfort”. All true of course for those who may have had the luxury of a maid, a cook, and sometimes a nanny to lighten the domestic load. Manuals in the early part of the century often were often full of budgets, timetables, and how to run a home with live in staff.


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