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Great value now available on oven cleaning

Get your oven looking like new with the Galway Oven Cleaning Company, which will deep clean your oven using its eco friendly system in 1.5 to two hours, leaving it cleaner than you have seen it since you bought it.

Reduce your energy consumption with the Bosch heat pump dryer at N17 Superstores

Combining a sleek design and useful features, the Bosch heat pump tumble dryer will make a great addition to your home.

Top tips for summer plumbing

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Although the weather may not suggest it, summer is gradually inching closer. The evenings are brighter and with the month of May almost underway, our minds turn towards the warmer months of June and July and how we can take advantage of the great weather.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator now available in Ireland

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Samsung Electronics has announced that its premium Family Hub Refrigerator is now available to buy in Ireland. Providing new ways to manage and cook food as well as helping to plan family life and enhance the home entertainment experience, the Family Hub Refrigerator is the ultimate luxury smart home appliance.

A laundry room to love by Neptune

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Some homes are lucky enough to have laundry or utility rooms while others have to figure a way to weave one into a kitchen or other space.

Samsung Food ShowCase – open the door to a home for everything

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Samsung Electronics is inviting consumers to open the door to a more organised family kitchen with the introduction of the Food ShowCase refrigerator.

Experience quality design and excellent service at  Eamonn Hughes Marble and Granite Claremorris 

Eamonn Hughes Marble and Granite is a third generation, family run stone business in Claremorris. With years of experience working with all types of stone, marble and granite, the business can offer you the choice of whatever fireplace your heart desires.

Lovely family home in Roscam.

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John Quinn has received instructions to offer No 80 Duirling to the market. This property is in walk-in condition with spacious accommodation including a large sitting room and superb kitchen/dining room which is fully fitted. The kitchen includes a washing machine, a dryer, hob and oven, fridge freezer, and a dishwasher.

Top class three bed in Sli Gheal

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John Quinn is currently offering for sale No 57 Sli Gheal, Ballymoneen Road, a lovely three bedoom residence in walk-in condition. 

Message to the great unwashed

OK, we're a day into it, A day into realising that while you may lead a horse to water, when he gets there, the fecker's gonna cost you a few bob. On Tuesday we splashed around in the bathroom like an orgy in the last days of Pompeii, but since then, we've been up half the night trying to ensure that the drop dripping from the tap in the kitchen is captured for the tay for breakfast. So what are we to do? How can we live the lifes of post-Celtic Tiger metrosexuals used to our washing and waxing and shaving and conditioning and scents that could kill an ass from 20 paces. How are we going to cope knowing that everytime you hear a flush, your wallet has a bowel movement? The days and nights of the much coiffured sweet smelling high heeled gelled back brigade hitting the clubs may soon be a thing of the past. Good old poor hygiene of the 70s and 80s will come back into vogue. A shower will become a luxury even if you do manage to get three a month. Lattes will replace straight coffees. Spuds will be steamed not boiled, car washes will become car polishes; horses at the racecourse will have to be rubbed down with a wet Babywipe instead of the traditional hosing. And gorse fires will be let burn burn burn. So life as we know it has changed immeasurably. So what can we do to save a few bob. Here are a few tips.


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