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Country feels pain at dimming of our brightest generation

Country feels pain at dimming of our brightest generation

Referendum campaign brought back all my old fears says city woman

I have just finished reading the Ursula Halligan article. My tears fall onto the page as old wounds, old pain, old shame resurface. Her story is amazingly similar to mine! Astonishingly so, in fact.

Out of darkness, a light beckons

On Tuesday evening, as I left the office and was making my way to the car, I spotted a couple. Obviously tourists because they were holding hands with that foreign great hair look about them, with colourful jackets and a bearing that made them stand apart from the Irish, but blend in with the hundreds of visitors on the street at that time.

We must do more for the children of our country and our world

My heart goes out to the parents and families of the children who are dying in Gaza, Israel, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia, and many other war-torn countries. Listening and watching the various news programmes of what happened to the young children in these war situations makes me wonder what life is really all about.

The end of the innocence

After all is said and done, after every last eulogy is recited, after every representative pays his respects, after every bit of shock etched on our furrowed brows falls away, then and only then, will two little children begin living a life with a large void in it.


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