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Wrap it up

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Home Ground

I know that Christmas, not gardening, is on your mind at the moment but a little gardening is a guaranteed way of working off the turkey and Christmas pudding. I know that the winter weather is not always enticing but we must look for the positives and try to forget, or at least ignore, the negatives.

Wild and Wonderful

One of the nicest things about Christmas is the whole process of festooning the house with winter greenery. Apart from the tree, whose scent is aromatically redolent of Christmas, there’s mistletoe (if you’re lucky enough to find any), the darkly gleaming leaves of the ivy, and the holly’s bright, jewel-like berries. Whether you’re artistic and nimble-fingered enough to wind holly and ivy into garlands and wreaths, or whether, like me, your usual approach is to balance holly twigs precariously on top of picture frames and door lintels, these plants can really add to the festive feel of a room.

Holly Willoughby mAternity collection from Littlewoods

Littlewoods Ireland has just launched the unique ‘Holly Willoughby Maternity’ collection, designed by the well-known presenter who is due to give birth to her first child next month.

Chasing the girls, and hunting the wren

Even though mistletoe is not native to Ireland it has long been associated with Christmas here. The tangled green plant, with its soft white berries, has been introduced in some Irish counties (grafted onto apple trees), and was being sold in basket fulls at the Galway market last December.


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