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Family and leisure pursuits top quality of life indicators

by mary O’Connor

Should I include hobbies on my CV?

Q: I am doing my CV and my sister has my head cracked about putting in my hobbies. “I’m a bookkeeper,” I keep telling her, “they don’t care that I do a bit of acting and play football for the club. It’s not Tom Cruise or Harry Kane they’re hiring.” But, she is adamant. Should I take any heed of her? (DD, email).

How can hobbies add value to my CV?

At the end of many CVs there’s a section reserved for personal information such as hobbies, interests and volunteering. We’ve all seen the cursory attention this section sometimes gets with the predictable list: reading, walking and socialising. But don’t let this opportunity to add value to your application pass you by writes SABINA TRENCH, CAREER COACH, SLI NUA CAREERS.


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