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It’s all about habits

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When it comes to exercise, regular movement and eating well, I’d like you to learn to be excellent at these things and for you to become excellent by making them habits; making them so automatic that eventually you don’t even need to think about doing them. Eventually, it’s sort of like cruising on autopilot, where you don’t have to rely on motivation so much, but instead, you just do your thing.

Pomp and circumstance, and one unmarked grave

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On June 12 1922 a very special ceremony took place at Windsor Castle, near London. Following the establishment of the Irish Free State the previous December, five Irish regiments, including the Connaught Rangers, the Royal Irish, the Leinsters, the Munsters, and the Dublin Fusiliers, which had served the British army with exceptional valour at times, were disbanded. It was a day of special significance for both the participants and onlookers.

Banff Mountain Film Festival

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THE DANGER, drama, courage, and adventure of climbing mountains, extreme environments, and humans versus nature, will be on display in Galway next month.

The importance of iodine in pregnancy

According to the most recent research, pregnant women who are deficient in iodine are more likely to give birth to children with lower IQs and reading abilities. Iodine is necessary for optimal thyroid function. It is an essential element in the production of thyroid hormones, which are needed for normal brain growth and development in the foetus. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy has been associated with increased incidence of miscarriage, stillbirth, and may cause neuro-developmental problems. In extreme cases of iodine deficiency, the congenital condition cretinism can occur, which results in irreversible learning disability.

Westmeath heritage gets chance to shine

Heritage Week continues all over Westmeath this weekend (August 24-26), with the highlight being the Tyrrellspass Festival, winner of the best event award last year.

Feed mind, body, and spirit at The Dancing Soul

The Dancing Soul Wellness Centre in Pearse Street, Athlone has moved from strength to strength since it was opened last November by Julie Parmenter and Martina Breen. Julie works as a psychotherapist with a focus on the body/mind connection, while Martina facilitates creative development workshops and practices as a Gestalt psychotherapist.

Small food businesses demonstrate resilience through recession

Small food businesses in Ireland are continuing to demonstrate strong growth both on the domestic and export markets, according to new figures released by Bord Bia this week. Bord Bia works with over 400 small food businesses with an annual turnover of some €400 million, representing an increase in value of seven per cent per year since 2007.

Who Needs Enemies? returns to Town Hall

EOIN HANCOCK just wants break. He wants to clean up his act, detox himself, put his dissolute past behind him, and live a healthier, simpler, life. Some hope when your friends are pot heads, boozers, and hell raisers.

Who Needs Enemies? at Town Hall

AMONG THE attractions at next week’s Bulmers Galway Comedy Festival is the comic play Who Needs Enemies? by Galway author Conor Montague.

Ytsara expert day at the Spa, Courtyard by Marriott

Does your skin need a boost? Do you need to unwind from day to day tensions? Why not take a break and book in for a body recharge or a facial refresh with Ytsara, the organic and natural Thai spa line.


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