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Natural remedies you can try when you feel a headache coming on.

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Could you be dehydrated? If you feel a headache coming, hydrate with a large glass of cooled (tepid) boiled water. Adding a little pinch of Himalayan pink crystal salt or a splash of coconut water to the glass can help replenish essential minerals. Caffeinated drinks like coffee, black tea, energy drinks and cola can be diuretic, causing the body to lose even more water so best to avoid these as much as possible.

A Tree for Every Season

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This is a great time to plant a tree – the earth is still relatively warm and you can probably count on plenty of rainfall to keep the soil moist. But which one to choose? Well how about settling on a tree to suit your favourite season?

Far Cry 4: lots and lots of fun

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When it comes to games, I like to know that I will get my money's worth in terms of gameplay time before purchasing. There is nothing worse than when you part with your hard earned cash and the game is completed within four hours of hitting the start button. Far Cry 4 provides gamers with plenty of challenges and enjoyment – 52 hours worth in my case.

Exclusive new Saltability Masssage Treatment available at Spirit One Spa

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Exclusive new saltabilty massage

Authentic Himalayan salt lamps at Amber

Amber stocks salt lamps in raw form, carved shapes, and T-lights. Salt lamps are simply large pieces of pure Himalayan salt with a small bulb inside. It is important to make sure that the lamp is from a pure Himalayan crystal source and not a cheap imitation made from rock salt.

New superfood masks for your face

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From the instafamous to your healthy living friends, everyone’s posting about superfoods. But while that acai charcoal smoothie is helping you glow from within, you might need a little help getting your skin to look as healthy as you feel.

Discover self-healing at Amber

Amber stays true to its motto of ‘Definitely something different’, providing customers not only with the self-healing and meditation tools such as singing bowls, crystals, and salt lamps, but also offering expert advice.


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