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Council tells developers to pay for road damage after construction

Developers are to be asked to pay for damage caused to roads during the construction of houses, under a new policy being introduced by Westmeath County Council.

Weather highlights weakness in gritting information

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Deputy Denis Naughten has called on the National Roads Authority to publish a road map highlighting which roads throughout the country are to be gritted during the winter period without further delay.

Roads alert as temperatures set to plummet

Traditional cold Christmas weather is set to arrive this weekend as temperatures plummet and roads turn into mini ice rinks.

Rearing children to be sacrificed on our killing fields

While you are reading this and seeing the mere words that lie on this page, several families in Kerry are going through an unimaginable grief. They are numbed by the events of yesterday morning; they are shivering and shaking as their bodies try to absorb the enormity of it all; the hugs and handshakes meaning little as they nod in an automated response; the realisation that after rearing children from the cot to the threshold of their own independence, that all they had hoped for their children has been taken away from them.

Good manners are not old fashioned

Good manners might seem old fashioned to some but they cost nothing and show you have an air of grace. However, good manners seem to be lost on many of this county’s drivers.


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