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Become a connoisseur with this old-school French red

In September, John and I went on holiday to Venice, and then up to Tarvisio and Udine, in the north of Italy, to visit our friend Laura. Before the trip, I gave John his mission, should he choose to accept it – which was to please, please drag me out of wine bars and restaurants so that I might actually see something of the country, because God knows I wasn’t going to be able to do it on my own. “Do you know how much I plan to eat?” I kept asking him. “Do you?”

Whatever happened to Barry’s tea? And other food conundrums

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Barry’s tea still has that kick-awake taste in the morning when you take the first gulp; but tea in general has changed, and changed dramatically. Just look at the choice of teas next time you reach for a packet. Where once there was only Lyons, Barry’s and PG Tips, now there has to be a choice of at least 50 different blends including herbal, organic, loose or bagged, or the plain ordinary black. And I was surprised to learn that there are at lest two tea blenders in Galway; including Solaris Botanicals, which not only won last month’s Junior Chamber of Ireland Entrepreneur of the Year, but in the same week clinched a deal to supply Harrods of London.


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