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Fancy a cuppa?

Herbal teas are so much more than just a soothing, comforting, pick-me-up. They can also provide the body with a number of natural benefits which may help to improve your mood, sense of wellbeing, and energy levels. Herbal teas have also been used for thousands of years to aid digestion, bloating, relaxation, weight loss, and much more.

Record demand for miracle weight-loss tea

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Revolutionary by nature and consumed globally, Chá Yi Tea is taking the Irish market by storm, with men and women nationwide brewing the benefits of an all-natural tea that helps to boost the metabolism and cleanse the digestive system to maximise weight loss. Chá Yi Tea is available from Therapie Clinic, which is struggling to keep up with demand.

Juice your way to a healthier you with Health and Herbs

Health and Herbs is an integrated health clinic and herbal dispensary situated at 9 Sea Road in Galway. It was founded in 1999 by Dr Dilis Clare, the only GP in Ireland who is also qualified in herbal medicine.

Lipton gets fruity with new flavours

Lipton has launched two new additions to the Lipton fruit and herbal tea range. The new Forest Fruits and Pink Citrus flavours will tantalise the taste buds for the ultimate summer refreshment.

Designer tea

Now that we have had 10 years of coffee houses springing up in every conceivable space, the ‘cup of tea’ has nearly been consigned to history. Indeed the phrase ‘Would you like a cup of tea?’ seems to be taken by many to read as, ‘Would you like a cup of coffee?’ Except for a certain generation where the ‘cuppa’ still reigns supreme, most people are now devoted coffee consumers.

Turn over a new tea leaf

Galway-based organic tea company Solaris Botanicals specialises in blending internationally award-winning organic speciality and herbal teas. All Solaris herbal teas are blended for specific body systems.


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