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Mayo GAA Creates healthy partnerships for 2020

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Mayo GAA has joined forces with both Mindspace Mayo and Croí, the Heart and Stroke Charity, as its official health partners for 2020.

New radiation oncology centre to open in 2022

Construction will begin shortly on a new three-storey radiation oncology centre at University Hospital Galway. The facility is expected to open in two years.

Power of daily exercise noted at schools fitness challenge launch

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The recent launch of the 2020 Irish Life Health Schools’ Fitness Challenge highlights the importance of physical activity for better cardiovascular and mental health amongst young people.

Foot care paramount for fitness as Spring season arrives

As the evenings lengthen in brightness thoughts turn towards enhancing the exercise experience with optimum posture paramount.

Use of pelvic physiotherapy to ease bowel symptoms

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We all know the dreadful feeling of needing the bathroom suddenly to empty the bowels while having coffee with friends or while out shopping and how humiliating and embarrassing it is to be caught short and pass stool.

Strengthen mind and body with Ashwaganda

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Ashwaganda is an ayurvedic herb often referred to as ‘Indian Ginseng’ and is part of the traditional system of healing in India.

Portiuncula Hospital committed to improving stroke care

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A County Galway hospital is one of 10 hospitals nationally which has joined forces to improve the care of patients who present with ischaemic stroke (where the blood supply to the brain is cut off or severely reduced).

Guaranteed inch loss at Ardrahan Laser Lipo

Are you struggling with a post C-section baby pouch, or do you find it difficult to lose fat from your hips (love handles)? Do you have stubborn exercise-resistant fat that, despite endless trips to the gym, just will not go away? Then Ardrahan Laser Lipo may have the answer for you.

Getting back to health and fitness with Plexus Bio Energy

Are you looking forward to spring and feeling more energetic? Most people feel tired and sluggish after the winter; it is time to get your mental, physical, and emotional health balanced with Plexus Bio Energy


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