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Shooting the Breeze with... Caroline Gordon

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Ireland is an entrepreneurial nation. We have earned a strong reputation for our work ethic and ability to turn ideas into money-making industries. During these tough economic times, people are being encouraged to act on their entrepreneurial instincts and not give up. Caroline Gordon acted on her entrepreneurial instincts 15 years ago this May bank holiday weekend, having opened her accountancy practice in Swinford on Tuesday, May 7, 1996.

The man behind the Clinic

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Zig Zigler once said that in business and life “it’s better to be a meaningful specific rather than a wandering generality”.

“Anti-clerical” worker taken off case, court hears

A court has heard that an "extremely anti-clerical" social worker investigating alleged sexual abuse at a Galway school was eventually taken off the case by the former Western Health Board.

Ex-Christian Brother acquitted of 35 sex assaults in Galway school

An ex-Christian Brother has been acquitted by direction of Judge Tony Hunt of sexually assaulting boys some 40 years ago in a Galway industrial school.

Home away from home with Coco’s creche and Montessori school

Coco’s creche and Montessori school is situated at 9 Auburn Heights, Athlone and is managed by Elaine Geoghan.


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