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CAO and DARE/HEAR - what happens now

The abrupt closure of school last Thursday, which was also the deadline for all backup information for HEAR/DARE applications, left a lot of students and parents stressed and worried. If for any reason you did not manage to complete your HEAR/DARE application, for example your educational impact statement for DARE and financial documents for HEAR, l would urge you to sent in whatever you have to the CAO office now. We have not received any updates in terms of an extension to the deadline, however we are in unprecedented territory and because of this they may look favourably on your late application. All of the online information would have been completed and submitted by March 1.

CAO application deadline this weekend

The CAO is urging students who have not yet completed their application to do so immediately, particularly mature applicants, applicants for the HEAR or DARE schemes, or those who are thinking about applying for a restricted course.

CAO applications — what you need to know and research

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If you hope to start an undergraduate college course in September, you need to register your application with the Central Applications Office as early as possible. The discounted fee currently stands at €45. The normal registration deadline for most applications is February 1.

Applying to the CAO

For Leaving Certificate students all over the country CAO season is now under way with the opening of the online application facility on November 5.

Closing date looms for Gradam Sheosaimh Uí Ógartaigh 2019

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Tomorrow, Friday, February 22, is the closing date for nominations for Gradam Sheosaimh Uí Ógartaigh - Galway’s bilingual business award. To enter, simply fill in the application form available online at, or pick up a form at Gaillimh le Gaeilge’s office on Flood Street, free of charge.

From Vatican visitors to CAO courses, Ireland has experienced an interesting week

The only topic to begin this week is the Pope. There are so many emotions swirling around that it is difficult to focus exactly on what happened and how it will affect Ireland.

Hundreds could miss out as deadline looms for submitting housing needs assessment applications

Hundreds of people could miss out on securing local authority accommodation if they do not fill out a form sent to them by the Galway City Council and return it within the next two weeks.

January consideration for CAO applicants

This Saturday January 20 marks the first of the CAO deadlines this year. Applicants are offered a discounted rate of €30 to register until then. After that, the application fee increases to €45 until February 1. It is advisable to register immediately if you have not done so already.

Making a good start to CAO Application 2017 this month

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Considering your CAO 2017 application, courses, and costs

By now the majority of students have been given their own copy of the CAO Handbook 2017. This, along with the CAO website, is a vital source of information, application procedures, and important dates. Keep it nearby at all times.

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