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Fisherman’s Wharf is too good to miss

\Where can you be in the centre of the city, beside St Nicholas’ Church, overlook the Corrib, see the Cathedral in the distance, and at the same time be totally private and secure?

Golden Days

My irritating mother

Tiger, chin up. You could be over here with us!

Tiger. It could be worse.

Let’s look forward with hope and optimism

2009 wasn’t a great year for most. Dole queues lengthened. People who never dreamed they would become a statistic joined the live register. Month in, month out, we reported increases in unemployment citing stats and figures. But what we must remember is you aren’t a statistic. You are so much more than that. You have contributed to Ireland’s reputation as a highly skilled nation. Gone is the tiger, but your worth and your importance are what must be cherished and reinvested in next year.


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