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How stress and worry influence your sleep

Scientists have found a direct link between anxiety and rhythm of sleep. When a person has anxious thoughts, his/her heart rate goes up and in turn the mind starts to ‘race’. This causes the brain to become alert and stimulated and start producing beta waves. This happens to someone who worries about something when trying to get to sleep - instead of being calm and subdued, the brain is too aroused to sleep. And to make matters worse, once the brain is stimulated in this way, other worries are activated, making sleep even harder to achieve.

Stephenites looking to keep upward curve moving

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They have won more Moclair Cups than any other club in the county with 36 to their name, but it has been 13 years since Ballina Stephenites last brought the old trophy to the banks of the Moy.

Drop a dress size (10lbs) in time for Christmas

You have to improve your diet to lose weight. You also need to exercise, although not as much as you might think.

The psychological effect colour can have in the home

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Have you ever sat in a room and felt something you could not quite put your finger on? Maybe you suddenly felt anxious or in a hurry to leave. Or perhaps you felt calm, as if all your worries had somehow disappeared.

Let’s not forget the architects of creative Galway

I have a secret fetish for architecture (just not so secret any more). I have been known to fondle bridges; to lose my breath over mindblowing overhangs; to stare at the steel ceilings of stadiums rather than the pitch and wonder just what allows 50,000 people to hop up and down without it all collapsing.

‘It gives the county an energy and a strength’

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There have been many changes to the way of life in County Galway over the past three decades but one constant that has remained is the steadfast, loyal, support of Pat McDonagh and Supermac's to the promotion and development of Gaelic games in the county. The CEO of the family fast food restaurant sat down with the Galway Advertiser to chat about Supermac's long standing relationship with Galway GAA, the similarities between a successful sports team and a successful business, and of course, the big game.

Ford’s unique camouflage for new concept cars

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If you have ever seen a car covered in bizarre swirls, mind-bending patterns, or crazy squiggles then the chances are you have seen a top secret new prototype model with a special coating of camouflage stickers.


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