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Take a musical trip to Greece with ConTempo

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“THINKING IS the best way to travel,” sang The Moody Blues in 1968, and with the Covid-19 pandemic, journeys of the imagination are the best way to ‘go abroad’.

Yoga: Mind and Body Fitness

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The practice of yoga not only disciplines your body, but also helps to discipline your mind.

If there is a United Ireland, we should leave the euro

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The European Union, and its lynchpin project, the euro, had a charmed existence in publicity terms during the worst of the Brexit years from 2016 to 2019.

Classical music concert from Galway Cathedral

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ARCADIA is a region of Greece, which in ancient times was sparsely populated by farming communities. In the Renaissance imagination, it became the epitome of the bucolic, pastoral, idyll.

British Army and RIC unleash terror on the streets of Clifden

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March 1921 saw the British army's D Company Auxiliaries continue their tour of east Galway, assisted by an RAF spotter plane, the RIC, the Black and Tans, and various members of the Crown Forces.

Mortgage holders urged to switch amid slight interest rate fall

Commenting on the most recent Central Bank Retail Interest Rates publication, Brokers Ireland said the drop in the weighted average interest rate on new mortgages in December to 2.76 from 2.79 the previous month is to be welcomed, even if the rate remains the second highest in the euro area behind Greece.

Travel trends — what to expect in 2021

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By Fergal O'Keeffe


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Investment and not just policing is needed in communities

Galway Film Fleadh announce the launch of new Festival Network

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 The primary purpose of the network is to formalise a system for sharing information, strategies and culture amongst festivals that will represent a strong voice in Europe. It will shape, develop, reach and agree on common positions and perspectives on key issues. The network will be able to develop resources, business models, best practices and information exchange infrastructures to support members in the emerging film ecosystem, providing a unique opportunity to strengthen film festivals.

Mediterranean style interiors by Komandor Wardrobes

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The Mediterranean look combines boldness, simplicity, and convenience with light and warm tones, a coastal colour scheme, and use of natural materials.


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